Thursday, July 31, 2014

Harbor View Island 5k

In early spring my friend Lisa on the LUNA chic with me asked if I would join her on a 5k on an island in Boston Harbor. One of her really nice clients offered to pay for our registration. Thank god b/c it was one EXPENSIVE 5k.  We hopped on a boat in Boston Harbor and headed off to the island with the other runners. I quickly started to realize this was more of a corporate challenge events than a real hard core race. The race was to raise money for a camp for inner city kids. As we got off the bus the camp councilors were giving us all high 5's. Yea not really a hard core race.

There was a party environment folks are chugging beers before hand. I couldn't find a spot to warm up so I decided I would just run it with Lisa and see how it goes. I should have let the whole party thing not throw off the fact that I was there to race but I couldn't get myself to focus with everything around me.STUPID I know.

So Lisa and I ran and had fun and she pushed me a bit up the hills. Silly trail runners have good hill work. We still finished in a 26:56. With cartwheels over the finish line :-P As much as I am a bit upset we didn't race it I am happy we had fun.

They had a great post race spread of food. And I even had a hard cider. Just as we were eating the sun was setting over the Boston skyline it was really pretty. I will probably never run this race again but it was a great opportunity and the views of the city were GORGEOUS! Not to mention it is kinda crazy that my not pushing it and just enjoying a run speed is a 26 now... not bad!

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