Friday, July 11, 2014


I have a terrible habit. I know how to work really hard, train, beat myself in sessions all to actually achieve pretty great results but somehow I can tear those results to shreds. I can sit and rip apart every detail of a race and the little things I didn't do in training, or didn't do in the days leading up to the race or didn't do in the race that lead to the not exactly perfect performance. My new coach is about setting big goals. Like those big scary goals that you only want to tell a few people because they even scare you to say out loud. Yes I have a new one and NO I will not be saying it out loud in public because it scares the crap out of me.

As I got ready for Patriot I came to the decision if I were to achieve the goals of a sub 6 and running the whole half marathon (or either I would think) I was going to get myself something. I started to think and I don't really need any new tri gear. Ya I needed running shoes but that is just part of training not really a reward.... what to do what to do?!

I started thinking a piece of jewelry might be nice. And I found stackable rings. I thought hey I can start with one. As I achieve new goals I can add to the stack. So I did a little research before the race. Enough to know that was what I was going to get myself. I told D and my coach the plan. Race day went well. I didn't do 5:39 to 5:49. And in my typical fashion I wasn't going to get my reward since I didn't get the A goal. But my coach messaged me and said after the race time to get shopping for my ring. I realized she was right. I may not have gotten the exact high goal I wanted but I achieved 2 big goals after a lot of hard work. It was time to get something to remind me of all the hard work paying off.  So this is what I got...... I wear it everyday to remind me of all the hard work pays off! And it is hard work that will get me to achieve the next goal.

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