Saturday, October 29, 2011

DVD Challenge Week 1- 30 Day Shred

Well challenge accepted and I have kept it up. Doing the DVD has really kept me doing my strength training and to be honest I don't want to let everyone down that has read this and has seen on twitter. So week 1- I guess that's what we call it since it was the first full week- was fun and a bit of a challenge but that's the point!

By the end of this week I was sick of hearing Jillian's voice and really sick of the HORRIBLE music that goes with the DVD so I went with my own music blasting and the DVD running. I have to say by the time I reached the end of this week I have decided I will be doing Level 2 now. I am in a bit of a quandary though is it 30 calendar days? or 30 days of the DVD? I guess we will get to 30 calendar days and see... then maybe go for the 30 days of DVD? What do you guys think?

So I have to say the photos don't seem to have changed much- oh well but here ya go

And the Stats:
This week's workouts- Sat- Cycle 19.09mi, DVD #2, Sun- Run 3mi, DVD#3, Mon- Swim 1900yds, DVD#4, Tues- Run- 2.62 (hill repeats), DVD #5, Weds- Bikram Yoga, Thurs- 1500yds, DVD#6, Friday- Cycle- 10.9 (speedwork), DVD #7 (level 2)

Weight Friday Morning- 183.2lb (down 2 lb)

Nutrition- Example: Breakfast- Cereal w skim milk and Mix1- 360cals
Lunch- potato w ground beef taco meat little sprinkle of 50%fat cheese and some cashews- 537cals
Dinner- Chicken, mashed butternut squash, asparagus- 215cals
Snacks- mini Luna bar, mini cheese, mix1- 331cals
Total: 1443 cals <- better but still need to get this up!

Thoughts- Some of the exercises are easy and I was so proud when I started Level 2 and I could do the skate move with the jump. Last time I did the DVD was before and after my hip surgery and that move hurt a ton! So win! I am also shocked at how some moves are no problem and others I just must not use those muscles while training! Crazy!

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